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🚨 🚨 NEW ART DROP 🚨 🚨 


This poster/coloring page from @thegalthatfellfromspace, uplifts the enduring solidarity between Black and Palestinian folks. 


Black folks have long stood in solidarity with Palestine, and our commitment remains unwavering. This connection is not a recent development. Since the Nakba, Black activists, including our ancestors, elders, and revered community members, have recognized and supported Palestinians, and have united around a shared struggle for liberation and justice. 


Decades later, this collective pursuit for justice endures.

Thank you to the many folks/groups who are hosting freedom schools and community sessions to help us learn about the intersections of Black and Palestinian liberation. We’re learning how to build collective power, and all the ways to stand in solidarity with Palestine and other oppressed peoples around the world. Cultural workers, artists, activists, students, community & school groups, and others are creating stunning visuals to keep our attention (and the pressure) where it needs to be. Art be a portal, y’all. 


Let them know that Black folks BEEN DOWN for Palestine, and we STILL DOWN. 


Download the solidarity poster for FREE! Print, color, and share your poster on social media or in public. Tag us @lctakesaction! Bring it to a student group meeting, drop it at the library, color it with your children, talk about it over lunch, drop them as leaflets to local decision-makers, color one per day, or or or— you decide.

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