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Please join us in RSVP now for a powerful learning session about student involvement in the revolutionary process! Learn about important historic student organizers,  hear from Mama Efia, and participate in a  community journaling session! This event is held in partnership with the Avery Research Center for African American History & Culture. Light refreshments will be served.

Past Events

New Member Orientation - June 27th.

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The spring 2022
James Campbell
Learning Circle (JCLC)

was a success!

The James Campbell Learning Circle is a laid-back, welcoming environment that is trying to recapture the spirit of radical learning in the South. The circle will meet bi-weekly and we're going BACK TO THE BASICS. Bring your friends, bring your questions, bring your concerns! We are going back to square one. To get the most out of the sessions, don't just register for one, register for them all!

Learn more about James Campbell.

Did you miss Black & Green: 
Our Cuba Solidarity Teach-in
with Dr. Helen Yaffe?

Watch now! 

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