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Please join the Lowcountry Action Committee and MDC's State of the South on March 16th at 6 PM, for an important discussion about how we can gain more community control in the Lowcountry. Space is limited, so please register now!

Membership Info

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The spring 2022
James Campbell
Learning Circle (JCLC)

was a success!

The James Campbell Learning Circle is a laid-back, welcoming environment that is trying to recapture the spirit of radical learning in the South. The circle will meet bi-weekly and we're going BACK TO THE BASICS. Bring your friends, bring your questions, bring your concerns! We are going back to square one. To get the most out of the sessions, don't just register for one, register for them all!

Learn more about James Campbell.

Did you miss Black & Green: 
Our Cuba Solidarity Teach-in
with Dr. Helen Yaffe?

Watch now! 


New Member & Solidarity Network 

We are accepting applications for new members and solidarity network partners for our Summer political education course.

LAC is expanding and will be graduating a new cohort of members this fall to support our ongoing survival programs and outreach initiatives.

Political Education sessions start in July 2023. Sessions will be a combination of virtual and in-person and will be held bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 7PM through September (schedule subject to change).

Please fill out an interest form if you are interested in becoming a member of the Lowcountry Action Committee, or a member of our solidarity network.

Watch the "State of LAC" for more info about our organization before applying.

To be considered for membership

  • Must be a Black/Brown* person

  • Must live in or around the Lowcountry (or able to meaningfully contribute to LAC programs)

  • Volunteer at at least 3 LAC led programs

  • Must complete membership application

  • Must complete 6-week political education course
    either in the Spring or Fall

  • Must be voted in by existing Lowcountry Action Committee members

*LAC membership is comprised of individuals who have been historically forced to live under colonial control and who face ongoing struggles related to contemporary settler-colonial based oppression, particularly African and Afro-descendant people and other non-white oppressed nationalities, including Indigenous communities

To be considered for solidarity network

  • Non-oppressed nationality OR

  • Not local to the Lowcountry/surrounding areas

  • Must complete 6-week political education course in either Spring or Fall

  • Must be voted in by existing Lowcountry Action Committee members

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