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Lowcountry Action Committee Palestine Solidarity Statement

The Lowcountry Action Committee stands in solidarity with the historic Palestinian resistance in Gaza! As Black people we stand in solidarity with all oppressed people fighting for liberation, land and the right to self-determination. The settler colonial entity, known as Israel, is an illegal occupation of Palestinian land rooted in Zionism, white supremacy and British and US imperialism. Israel has been committing war crimes against Palestinian people since at least as early as 1948 when they violently forced the removal and displacement of an estimated 750,000 Palestinians from their land during an event known as the “Nakba,” an Arabic word for catastrophe. Since then, Palestinian people have been living in apartheid conditions in what has become the largest open air prison in the world, cut off from food, water, electricity and the right to move about their land freely. The United States has money to support the Israeli military with up to $4 billion dollars in aid each year for its war with Palestine, but can’t feed and house poor people back home. Police forces in the United States, which routinely commit violent crimes against the Black community, are trained in Israel by the Israeli police. The same brutal and violent tactics used against Palestinian people by Israeli police are taught to police in the United States who turn around and use them against us. The knee on the neck maneuver that killed George Floyd is an example of this. Palestinians are living in a police state and so are we. Palestinians are being starved and denied basic human rights and so are we. For these reasons and many more, we cannot and will not support Israel’s illegal occupation of historic Palestine and we will always stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. We can’t be free in the United States until Palestine is free. An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!


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