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Celebrating Che Guevara's Birthday & His Revolutionary Legacy in Cuba and Africa!

The Lowcountry Action Committee is honoring the anniversary of the birth of Ernesto "Che" Guevara and his profound impact not only on the Cuban Revolution but also his transformative contributions to Africa. As a Black-led organization, we recognize his invaluable time in the Congo, where he demonstrated unwavering commitment to African liberation.

Born in Argentina

on June 14th, 1928, during the mid-1960s, Che Guevara ventured to the Congo, driven by his unwavering belief in global solidarity. There, he joined forces with Congolese freedom fighters, providing military training and strategic guidance to support their struggle against colonial forces after the overthrow of the great Patrice Lumumba. His presence symbolized his deep commitment to Africa's emancipation from imperialism and oppression.

Che Guevara's time in Africa underscores his recognition of the interconnectedness of liberation movements worldwide. His passion for the Pan-African movement and his belief in a united Africa fueled his actions, inspiring generations to come.

Therefore, we celebrate Che Guevara, acknowledging his indomitable spirit and enduring legacy. His revolutionary journey in both Cuba and Africa serves as a reminder that the fight for justice knows no boundaries.

Happy Birthday, Che!

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