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Happy September 9th!

September 9th is a very powerful day. Read below about 3 events that occurred today, marking people’s power and revolutionary resistance.

Image description: Colorful orange, red, and blue gradient background featuring painted image of two self-liberated enslaved people resisting against slavecatcher dogs with overlayed white text on black background: The Stono Uprising (also known as the Stono Rebellion) took place on September 9th, 1739 near present-day Ravenel, South Carolina. It was the only full scale uprising of its kind in British North America. Enslaved African men and women took their freedom into their own hands and self-emancipated themselves from the brutality of slavery on area rice plantations. Leaders of the uprising are believed to have been heading South to potential freedom in Spanish Florida. They raided a store for arms and their numbers grew as they burned plantations and killed enslavers and their families along the way. Although the uprising was eventually defeated, the actions of the freedom seekers is an important example of Africans proclaiming their humanity and taking an active role in resisting the violent oppression of Europeans and chattel slavery. They met the violence they experienced with violence and sought liberty by any means.

Image description: Colorful orange, red, and blue gradient background featuring black and white image of Korean revolutionary leader Kim II-sung and 3 other officials signing paperwork founding the Democratic People's Republic of Korea with juxtaposed white text on black background reading: On September 9, 1948, a little more than three years after Korea’s revolutionary liberation from Japanese colonial rule, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) was founded under the leadership of Kim II-sung. The DPRK has survived 75 years of U.S. imperialism thus far. Happy Birthday to DPRK! Find our more about Korea’s reunification and national liberation struggle by following our comrades at Nodutdol.

Image description: Colorful orange, red, and blue gradient background featuring black and white image of the Attica prison uprising, with juxtaposed white text on black background reading On this day in 1971, inmates of Attica prison in Upstate New York rose up and took control of the prison. After collectively working to meet basic needs, they initiated negotiations, demanding an end to deplorable conditions, slave labor, and daily brutalization by guards. However, NY governor Nelson Rockefeller, eager to dog-whistle a tough-on-crime stance, abruptly ended the negotiations & authorized an armed assault that lead to over 3,000 rounds being fired at unarmed men. The bloody day continued for hours with targeted executions. beatings, torture, and denial of medical care. Ultimately 29 inmates and ten prison employees died and hundreds more were badly wounded. Not a single official was ever charged.

What will you do on September 9th? Consider joining an organization that not only supports and uplifts the community, but also supports your understanding of the science and reality of revolutionary processes. Happy September 9th!

Interested in volunteering with us on Saturday, September 16th? Click here.

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